Folksam Grand Prix: Frederick Dacres loses by a centimetre to Daniel Stahl


Fedrick Dacres got to practice his adjusted throwing technique on Thursday at the Folksam Grand Prix at Sollentuna and finished second by a single centimetre to Daniel Stahl.

The Commonwealth Games champion, who will compete in the Paris Diamond League on Saturday, managed 66.16cm on his final throw which was just short of the 66.17m made on the Swede’s opening throw.

Dacres’ struggles were obvious, however, as he opened with 62.53m, had two fouls before a 61.40m throw which was then followed by another foul.

Simon Pettersson was third with 63.21m.

Dacres injured his knee in Estonia just over a fortnight ago and has been forced to adjust his technique to take the pressure off his right knee when he throws. He said that during Wednesday’s competition, his focus on the knee cost him a win.

“I was favouring it (the knee) too much and it threw off my technique but got one together and got a 66.16,” Dacres said afterwards, adding that he believes he will get things right by Saturday.

“I think I can make the marks better.”

Source: Leighton Levy|| SportsMax