Heat reportedly worried Markieff Morris will be out rest of season after Jokic’s shove


Miami Heat are concerned regarding Markieff Morris‘ health and haven’t cleared him from the whiplash he suffered after being shoved by reigning MVP Nikola Jokic in November, according to the Miami Herald.

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The setback may end up keeping Morris out for the rest of the season, via the report.

However, the NBA veteran is optimistic about his return, saying he will be back on the court this campaign.

“Both sides concerned. Don’t trip though you’ll see me again this year! That’s a fact,” Morris wrote on his Twitter account.

Last night’s Heat game in Charlotte was the 44th straight match Morris missed.

The Morris brother sustained a neck setback when got into a fight with Nikola Jokic. The Heat forward tried to stop a fast break with a forceful elbow hit to Jokic’s ribs. The Serbian center then responded by shoving Morris with his back turned to the ground.

NBA suspended Jokic one game without pay after the altercation, and Morris was fined $50,000 for committing a flagrant 2 foul. In addition, Miami forward Jimmy Butler was fined $30,000 for attempting to escalate the altercation.

Morris’ neck injury is not his first one during his career. In January 2019, while playing for the Washington Wizards, Morris was ruled out for six weeks following a bout of neck and upper back stiffness that led to him being diagnosed with transient cervical neurapraxia.

According to sportsmedtoday.com, cervical cord neurapraxia (CCN) is a rare but dangerous cervical spine (neck) injury.

The 32-year-old Markieff Morris was able to play 10 games this season, averaging 7.7 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.4 assists over 18.7 minutes.

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