Ghana recorded no reports of political prisoners or detainees in 2021 – Report


The 2021 Ghana Human Rights report has indicated that there were no reports of political prisoners or detainees.

Citizens had access to courts to bring lawsuits seeking damages for, or cessation of, human rights abuses, the report released on Tuesday April 26 indicated.

“The constitution states the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal. Defendants, however, may seek remedies for allegations of human rights abuses at the Economic Community of West African States Court of Justice,” it added.

The report further indicated that there were a few reports that the government or its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings.

Offices charged with investigating security force killings include the Special Investigations Branch of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Police Professional Standards Bureau.

On June 26, unidentified perpetrators beat #FixTheCountry movement supporter and social activist Ibrahim “Kaaka” Muhammed in Ejura, Ashanti Region.

On June 28, he died in the hospital from his injuries. Muhammed, who was also a member of the Economic Fighters League (EFL), was a vocal anticorruption activist, and #FixThe Country had protested against restrictions on freedom of assembly (see section 2.b., Freedom of Assembly).

“EFL reported that Muhammed had received threats due to his activism, and police had warned him prior to his
beating and death against disturbing the peace.

“An investigation into Muhammed’s death continued. On June 29, during protests in the wake of his death, security forces shot and killed two persons,” it said.