Request for Fire Stations also when you demand for Police stations – GNFS


A Public Relations Officer with the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), ADO II Alex King Nartey has called on Chiefs and Communities to demand for Fire Stations too when they make demands on government for Police stations.

He said on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that, “as much as people are much conscious and much careful about their security, they should apply the same prominence to their safety. So when they are fighting for police station, they should fight for fire station too”

The safety officer observed that people always call for police stations to be established in their communities but they forget about the need for a fire station until there is a fire outbreak or disaster.

“Yes you need the police station but police go with fire service. The chiefs when they are given out land, they give land for police stations but they forget to give some to Fire Service; we need land, we have the men, and when we are provided with the land, we will have the fire station there and will keep the people safe” he appealed to chiefs and real estate developers

ADO II Alex King also observed that people pay attention to their security more than their safety even with the way people build their houses and secure them with metal bars and burglar proof is evident of the prominence they give to security at the expense of safety.

“It makes things very difficult, so if someone is trapped in there, he will simply die. So as much as people apply prominence to security, they should apply same to their safety” he reiterated

He added that thieves are selective of what they steal when they invade homes or places but fire is not discriminatory when it invades, hence all should treat safety with more prominence.

Alex King wants the media to support the Ghana National Fire Service to intensify public education on safety precautions to help curb the growing incidence of fire outbreaks which are destroying lives and properties.

In just eleven days into 2022, Ashanti Region alone had recorded sixty fire outbreaks that ravaged properties. The Ashanti Region Public Relations Officer for the GNFS DOIII Peter Addai told 3FM’s sister station, Akoma FM in Kumasi the situation is alarming and needed the consented effort of all especially the media to intensify safety education.