The apex court of Ghana on Wednesday 4th May 2022, ruled on the long standing litigation between the:






Over the last three decades, the above families have been contesting each other over the legitimate custodians of the Amanpong Gua (Black Stool) and thus who becomes the rightful heirs to the throne.

After the Supreme Court ruling, both parties were seen jubilating at Akwamufie which nearly ended in a clash. That is where I got the quest to dive into what actually caused the “double Jubilation”. So I fact checked with the regional house of chiefs Koforidua, where the case was first heard before a three member committee, presided by Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panyin, Okotwaasuo Kantamanto Oworae Agyekum and Nene Sakite II. Sitting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 at the Easter Regional House of Chiefs.

Suit No: CT/ERHC/AP.1/2011

Their ruling affirms that the Black Stool “Amanpong Gua” solely belongs to the Yaa Ansaa Royal family. They stated that, the black stool was created in Twifu Heman before migration. In the year 1500 at Heman, the first Chief of Akwamu, Nana Agyen Kokobo from the Yaa Ansaa Royal Family was enstooled. Successive chiefs from the Yaa Ansaa took over the reigns and led the people of Akwamu from Heman to Nyanawase to the present place of settlement.

The Yaa Botwe family who are Respondents in the Case are said to have come from Aboabo, and that assertion remains unchallenged.  Yaa Botwe and Yaa Ansaa are two differrent families, and even though there have been instances where persons from the Yaa Botwe family have acted as Regents when there is a short fall in the Yaa Ansaa Royal Family, it doesn’t make them part.

In summary the Regional House of Chiefs ruled that, even though the stool belongs to the Yaa ansaa family, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III was appointed by the Queen mother and thus He was rightfully selected.

This judgement didn’t sit well with the Yaa Ansaa”s so they proceeded to the National House of Chiefs to seek clarification on why they are  owners of the non rotatory Amanpon Gua, yet the Regional House of Chiefs affirmed Odeneho Kwafo III as rightfully elected. Here it came to bare that the Queen Mother Nana Afrakoma II is also from Aboabo. In the customary rights of the Yaa Ansaa, it’s the Abrewatia who appoints a Paramount Chief in consultation with the Head of Family and Kingmakers not the Queen mother. Odeneho Kwafo Akoto’s appointment became illegitimates at this point, so the support of the Abrewatia from the Yaa ansaa was required.

So just before the National House of Chiefs ruling, the Abrewatia from the Yaa Ansaa family in the person of Abrewa Love Som apparently served the family with a letter to withdraw from the case and strangely switched to support the Yaa Botwe Family even though she was a leading member of the Petitioners.

Nevertheless the rest of the family forged ahead to the Supreme court of the republic to determine the owners of the black stool. The Apex court also affirmed the Yaa Ansaa Royal Family as the costudians of the Amanpong Gua.

Secondly, the Apex court also ruled there is no established rotation because it is just a single gate and not two gate as is been perceived.

Also the Supreme court affirmed that ones ascention to the paramount throne can only be legitimate if appointed by the Abrewatia in consultation with Abusuapanyin and kingmakers.

The fourth ruling which caused the respondents to celebrate is derived from the fact that, the Supreme Court still said Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III was validly nominated even though the Abrewatia and the Abusuapanyin of the Yaa Ansaa Royal Family who are the custodians of stool were not involved in the process.

The big question here is, why is Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III parading himself as the Paramount chief of Akwamu, when;

  1. He doesn’t belong to the Yaa Ansaa Royal family
  2. He wasn’t appointed by the Abrewatia and Abusuapanyin of the Yaa Ansaa Royal family as custom demands
  3. He has not denied the fact that he is a Yaa Botwe Family member, from Aboabo

it may interest you to know that in my search I came across the fact that, the royals from Yaa Ansaa Family who ascend the throne are titled Otumfuo whereas Regents are titled Odeneho in the few cases of shortfall.

Currently there are many ready heir apparent from the Yaa Ansaa Royal family ready to man the affairs of Akwamuman, so why impose a regent on us. Youths of Akwamu asserted.